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Coach for high performers and athletes

The Mental Endurance Academy is dedicated to introducing mental skills and techniques that build the minds of elite movers and problem solvers. In doing this, we create room for more elite performances on a more consistent basis.

Start at Any Level

Employing evidence-based and data-driven mental skills, our meticulously crafted performance plans empower you to perform authentically at your MOST elite level, on a more CONSISTENT basis. These proven techniques and skills transcend domains, seamlessly enhancing performance whether in the boardroom, on the playing field, or even in high-pressure tactical situations. With our approach you train your mind to work for you, as opposed to against you.

Expert Coaching

Drawing on over 7 years of experience, Coach Markus Hawkins embarked on his professional journey in FT Bliss, Texas, where he honed his expertise in cognitive performance and resilience. Serving as a Master Resilience Trainer – Performance Expert, he imparted invaluable knowledge through courses like Deployment Readiness and Academic Performance Training for the United States Military. Throughout this time, Coach Markus has developed a versatile and distinctive approach, extending his guidance and support to athletes spanning across 16 diverse sports.

Fall In Love With Your Process

“Pride will get you started but before your biggest jump, you’ve gotta drop it.†Leave your pride at the door and remember why you originally began. Using our authentic, personable approach, allow us to help you fall in love with your craft again.

Achieving Your Goals
Easier & Faster

Coaching Consultation

Welcome to our Mental Performance Consultation, a personalized and high-performance program designed to optimize the mental skills and resilience of individuals operating at the highest levels of achievement.

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Getting Started Is Easy

Meet With a Coach

Book a 40 minute consultation and work closely with our esteemed mental performance specialist.

Develop a Plan

After your consultation, we will share your personal performance proposal highlighting the details of our call and our plans for improvement.

Transform Your Performance

After your Personal Performance Proposal is accepted, we will send over the contract and begin your performance transformation!

What Our Clients Say

Jamie Moyer, MLB Pitcher

As a former MLB player of 20 plus years I saw the value of the Mental side of preparation and its usefulness. So when my daughter, a pole vaulter, was in need I was all in. Her preparation and confidence levels rose greatly with Markus Hawkins guiding her to reach higher goals. Her whole demeanor changed and allowed her to pursue pole vaulting at the college. Level! Thank you Markus.

Umme Salim-Beasley, Head Coach Rutgers Gymnastics

Our athletes really grasped the power behind coaching not only their bodies but their minds to help them achieve their highest competitive potential. A sport like gymnastics requires so much mental preparation to be able to compete well under pressure. You helped to give our athletes the mental tools necessary to be prepared, and gave them the ability to compete confidently and consistently.

Winston Watkins, WR

Markus mental coaching helped me understand the importance of everyday life, not just football. He showed me how to shift my perspective in a certain way and to think everything through. Taught me multiple valuable lessons such as confidence and focus, which are two very important lessons you need to know in everyday life!! If you don’t have a mental coach I advise you to get one like Markus, just a very valuable person that can help you better yourself and others around you!! He has done so much for me and I wish nothing but the best for him and God bless !!

Questions? We (probably)
have the answers!

By having a clear understanding of your values, this will ultimately lead to a deeper awareness of self; creating space for us to make more decisive, morally sound decisions

Absolutely you can still begin your work! Sometimes success is less about what you know and more about what you think!

Working through insecurities that appear after a mental roadblock can be frustrating, making opening up and being transparent difficult. However, the more you open up, the more accurately we’re able to support you. YOU are the expert of your mind, no one understands it better than you. The more open you are, the more clear our mental roadmap becomes.

The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary! Much like any other skill, Mental Skills need to be practiced routinely in order to be effective. The more consistent you are with your practice, the more consistent your results will be.

One of the advantages of transforming your mind into a tool is the fact that it’s ALWAYS with you! You can practice these tools anywhere at any time!