What Our Clients Say

Jamie Moyer, MLB Pitcher

As a former MLB player of 20-plus years I saw the value of the Mental side of preparation and its usefulness. So when my daughter, a pole vaulter, was in need I was all in. Her preparation and confidence levels rose greatly with Markus Hawkins guiding her to reach higher goals. Her whole demeanor changed and allowed her to pursue pole vaulting at the college. Level! Thank you Markus.

Umme Salim-Beasley, Head Coach Rutgers Gymnastics

Our athletes really grasped the power behind coaching not only their bodies but their minds to help them achieve their highest competitive potential. A sport like gymnastics requires so much mental preparation to be able to compete well under pressure. You helped to give our athletes the mental tools necessary to be prepared, and gave them the ability to compete confidently and consistently.

Winston Watkins, WR

Markus mental coaching helped me understand the importance of everyday life, not just football. He showed me how to shift my perspective in a certain way and to think everything through. Taught me multiple valuable lessons such as confidence and focus, which are two very important lessons you need to know in everyday life!! If you don’t have a mental coach I advise you to get one like Markus, just a very valuable person that can help you better yourself and others around you!! He has done so much for me and I wish nothing but the best for him and God bless !!

Ely Hamrick, QB

After training with Coach Markus for a year it has truly been a transformative experience. Coach Markus has provided guidance, friendship, personal experiences, and cognitive tools that have allowed me to break mental barriers set previously by myself. Coach Markus is incredibly devoted to his craft, highly honorable, and very well spoken. Through his coaching, I have learned the power of visualization, breathing, and consistency etc. and how it all correlates to your success on the field. He has not only improved my mental game but he has also helped me cultivate a deep-sense of self-awareness and leadership. I would highly recommend coach Markus to anyone looking to improve their performance, leadership, and overall well-being.

Kora Pettengill, Track&Field, Heptathlon

“Having a mental coach was so necessary for me personally because of the level of support I felt. Coach Markus and I created routines to feel grounded and in control before each of my races. In my work with Coach Markus I learned to have fun within my sport and let go of the negative anxiety I felt during competition. I was taught to accept my emotions as they come and redirect them into something positive and productive. In any moment that I felt overwhelmed or mentally weak I could turn to Coach Markus and he would be there for me and my teammates. We had a lot of long walks around the track where I left feeling much more heard and in control of my life and athletic performances.”

CJ Okoye, Defensive Line

“Before my Pro-day, we were prepared on how to deal with fear, anxiety nervousness by Coach Markus at IMG Academy. I thought wouldn’t be needing it but on that fateful day, I was scared not that I wasn’t prepared but fear of the unknown could hear myself breathing. Hard hands were cold as ice and it wouldn’t stop but thanks to Coach Hawkins I did everything he said and just like magic I had a wonderful pro-day.

India Anderson, Assistant Coach- Fisk University Gymnastics

“He’s an amazing mental coach. Markus worked with our gymnastics team and instantly made a difference in our mental state when it came to competing and approaching practice. I felt comfortable right away and knew that I could trust him. The way he cares about his athletes makes all the difference. Forever thankful to Markus for making a positive impact on my athletic career.

Caleb Kozinski, Guard

I can’t recommend Coach Markus enough. His expertise and guidance have been instrumental in transforming my performance on and off the court. His approach to the mental game has helped me overcome mental barriers, build resilience, and push me towards unleashing my full potential, leading to significant improvements in my game. Coach Markus has made such a remarkable impact and difference in my athletic career.

Godrick Chu, Offensive Line

“Markus Hawkins is an amazing mental coach. His wise and encouraging words set me up and perfectly prepared me for the ups and downs I would face at my pro day.”

Anquan Boldin Jr., Guard

I feel like this year and last year was the first time I was ever tested mentally while playing basketball. I feel like it was hard for me to focus at first but when we had those sessions I felt like I was in control of all my thoughts and emotions. Markus helped me become a better player and helped me conquer obstacles that were in my way.

Jihaad Campbell, OLB/DE

Coach Markus is a remarkable mentor, coach, and even better person. He understands how to work with athletes, no matter the problems we might face. Coach even gives advice for what you are encountering in life. He has helped me in a way that he could never understand. Coach helped me with things such as: Shifting to a greater mindset, and learning how to achieve the goals I set. I appreciate everything he has and is still doing for me!

Jayden Bradford, Quarterback

IMG has taught me a lot of things, time management, living on your own, and how to be self sufficient. The transition wasn’t easy and having to adapt while trying to perform was challenging to say the least. But the biggest take away I’ve received from attending this prestigious Academy has been the power of the mind. This all started with the help and guidance of Coach Markus, he showed me how to cope and persevere through tough times as well as be a leader of men, while not making it forceful. Coach Markus has introduced me to a way of thinking that has catapulted my mental game to a whole different level, i use his tactics and revert back to his teachings daily. I could go on and on of the impact Coach Markus has had on my game and my future as an athlete. It’s hard to iterate what he’s done for my game and my life but to say the least, Coach Markus is one of the most genuine and passionate coaches I’ve ever been around, his energy is infectious but what makes him great is his will to help others.

Ryan Downes, Quarterback

Coach Markus has opened my eyes to a new way of viewing competition, pressure, and performance. He is a key to unlocking a higher level of performance that you don’t even know is there. Whether it be when the lights are off and it’s you against yourself or when the lights come on and it’s your time to shine, Coach Markus is essential to any athlete’s development.

Karlynn Hornung, Thrower

I can’t even start to thank coach Markus for everything he has taught me over the past year. He has always been there whenever I needed him, whether I was having a bad day and needed someone to vent too or if I just wanted to say hi. He has also taught me some useful skills and coping techniques for when I am competing, and the stress or anxiety of the competition is starting to get to me. The skills he taught me were the perfect thing to have in my back pocket when I was competing at Nationals, I had one more attempt left to put myself in a podium position. The breathing technique coach Markus taught me helped me stay calm and, in the moment, as I went into my last attempt, I was able to get into medal position. Even though Markus was my sports mental coach he never shied away from talking about life outside of sports with me. He not only made sure I was prepared to compete every week but also taught me how to handle the stresses of my life. Coach Markus has genuinely changed me for the better as an athlete and a person. I wouldn’t trade getting to work with him for the world.

Jordan Hall, Linebacker

Coach Markus has given me tools and strategies to dial in and focus on the task at hand not only while things are going the way they should but also when facing adversity which in a football aspect is an approach that isn’t used enough, that’s what he brings to the table. Most people believe that they can just tell themselves what to think and they’ll do it but it doesn’t always work that way, the thing that coach Markus does so well is he takes those desires and explains how to achieve them through motivation. Because of his background in the military and with sports (playing at the collegiate level) he’s lived through those experiences many of us have already faced but on a more extreme level and understands the emotion needed to reach his audience. The thing I respect most about him is if he says he going to do something, he does it and quits at nothing to make it happen which for me personally and I believe along with my peers that also have a strong trust with coach Markus makes us want to learn how to strategize and train our minds the right way.

Tyler Hughes, OL

Coach Markus has helped me battle adversity regarding an injury that took me away from my sophomore season. He gave me tools to make sure that I put my injury in the past and be able to grow from the ordeal as an athlete, but also a person. A mental coach is necessary because they make sure that the mind does not counterproductively conflict with the body when you are trying to achieve your goals.

David Hughes, Parent

Our son sustained an injury playing football and even though we understood the risks of injury, it is devastating when it happens to your child. Once the physical injury side was addressed, we sought out Coach Markus to help us with the Mental Conditioning aspect of his recovery. Coach Markus methodically helped our son come to terms with what happened and then, more importantly, gave him the tools to address what it takes to get back on the field to pursue his passion. As the mental conditioning tools are not just for athletics, we were more than happy to have our son continue his training with Coach Markus to learn how to better deal with everyday challenges. We are appreciative for Coach Markus’ continuing assistance as we believe that our son is now better prepared to address issues both inside and outside of the athletic field and classroom.

Davonte Howell, Sprinter

A lot Coach Markus has done for me, as I am now on my way to committing to one of the five best sprint powerhouses in America. Coach Markus makes himself available at all times whether, through a last-minute text, or a call, he’s even in the stands right next to the line before I started my race. He doesn’t only check on you when you are down but always keeps you thinking and teaches you lessons day by day. I can wholeheartedly say that Coach Markus is the best mental coach in the world.

Knijeah Harris, Center OL

I went to Img Academy for three years and the day Markus stepped foot on campus me and my teammates felt his presence. He has a way about him that allows him to take control of a room and set the mood no matter the situation. When it comes to the mental aspect of sports I can say Markus worked wonders for me and my teammates. Every away game everyone wanted to know if Markus was making the trip, that goes to show the impact he had on us. Markus showed us countless techniques that allowed me to improve my focus, confidence, and routine not only in sports but in my life. I think Markus would be a great addition to any team as he taught me many things I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

Zechariah Fort, Safety

When I first came to IMG, I didn’t have much confidence in myself. Especially since I went in as an 8th grader, everyone was better than me. I was used to being the best back at home, so coming to IMG and seeing that there are a lot of people just like me, didn’t make me feel any different. But Coach Markus taught me that your confidence comes in your preparation, and when you outwork everyone that is how you separate yourself from others just like you. Coach Markus lessons have stuck with me ever since and they have helped me become a better player and person.

Francis Mauigoa, Offensive Tackle

Coach Markus you’ve helped me in ways no others could. From saying hello whenever we see each other to getting that motivation at games.. especially that speech you gave us in Utah.. that speech had me feeling like I could defeat Goliath with my own strength.. appreciate everything you have done for us and the class of 2023. Your sessions have helped me a lot throughout the year as I was faraway from home.

Nyseer Fullwood

I don’t even know where to start, at first I didn’t think too much of having a mental coach, then we had a meeting at IMG with Markus. it was a vibe, we got to know him and he got to know us and ever since then we’ve been locked in. Markus has helped me with navigating through issues both personal and athletic. He’s helped mold me as a person and a player. He helped me take that next step towards being my own man and coping with things in real time. I could honestly say after a meeting with Markus, I always leave thinking about my current situation and how to utilize the tools he gives me. This alone has helped my performance just because now I have a clear mind when i’m playing. Another thing he’s indirectly helped me with is my confidence and knowing that if i’m being the best me, no one can stop me, but me. For those who think a mental coach isn’t necessary, i’d tell them to speak to Markus for a few weeks and they’ll see a drastic difference in themselves.

Carson Cooper, Center

Coach Mark was a HUGE reason on why I continue to have success and was able to find success in the first place. Each mental session was another key which helped me to understand how to be more mentally tough. Without his help it would’ve been so much harder to stay locked in and focused throughout my freshman year at Michigan State.

Ellis Robinson IV, CB

Coach Markus has mentally helped me when he would talk to me about being strong when I was going through things with my knee and I wasn’t confident in myself. Telling me that I would be back better and to not worry about it helped me get through going through surgery. Mentally I wasn’t there all the way knowing that I couldn’t do what I loved but talking to coach Markus helped me regain my confidence back in my skill and getting back on the field. I don’t know if I would’ve had the confidence I have now if he never taught me those things. Now I’m back playing 100%. By listening, and knowing that it’s temporary and that I would be back, made me stronger mentally. In ANY situation I’m going through.

Layla Haynes, Mid-Distance

On a performance basis, mental has been the one aspect of my sport that I’ve been able to improve on the most through my experience with Coach Markus. Prior to attending meetings with the mental team, I never realized the importance of being mentally healthy and how it would positively affect my training and racing performances. Since then, I have overcome challenges that I Was personally struggling with. Today, through the help of coach Markus, I have a newfound sense of self-confidence which I am filled with when I step into the line before a race. Mentally, I know I can achieve anything that I set my mind to due to visualization skills, goal-setting and learning to positively self-motivate. I used to feel overwhelmed and anxious before my races but now I feel a sense of serenity and determination to execute my race plan as I step onto the start line at track meets. This is almost solely because of the words Coach Markus has preached. I’ve trained his advice into action.

Cameron Lenhardt, DE

When you (Coach Markus) and I started working together you helped me better prepare myself for performance. You taught me how to meditate, the importance of breathing, and to train my mind for execution. You helped me understand neutrality and the balance between a really good play and a really bad play. You helped me elevate my game to the next level by giving me tools to add to my tool box to help me perform my best.

Patrick Kane, K

Through many mental coaches I’ve had while attending IMG Academy, Coach Markus was the one who had the biggest impact on my game. After working with him I noticed a big difference in the way I focused and could handle stressful situations on and off the field. Playing a position that is heavily driven on a mental aspects he unlocked a part of my game I didn’t know I had.

Joseph Collins, K

While excited by the opportunity to play for the IMG Academy National team the thought of leaving home at 15 was daunting. My position is a Kicker, and there are long periods when I stand and watch the game unfold, knowing I can be called upon at any time. This requires a great deal of self belief and mental strength when asked to perform under pressure. So thank you Coach Markus for all the things you’ve taught me about positive mental health, it will continue to assist with my athletic, academic and personal growth.

Olivier Rioux, C

Mental coaching is a necessary aspect of the game and it helped me focus on the important thing on court, not outside or anything else. It made a difference when you learned how to breathe from a mental coach stand point: In nose, through belly and out your mouth. Markus would adjust and come up with an activity on the spot, in a session if he realized that the energy in the room was not there or that the presentation was getting repetitive and that you’re better off with movement than an audience. Even this past year, we did not have “sessions” together, but we would still have conversations about ideas or new discoveries, etc. With all that, he is a great guy.

Nick Migliarese, Multi

You have helped me grow so much this year with your help. I went from a hard worker that never believed in himself to trusting the process and knowing that my own self belief is going to motivate me much more than anyone else. With your help I have grown the most I ever have in a year. You taught me to never give up on myself even when it gets hard and that there is something good that always comes out of the bad. With your coaching I have learned so many tools and skills to help my mentality on and off the track. I’ve learned how to take better care of my mind and how to relax through high pressure moments. Thank you for all your one-on ones and helpful advice you gave me on a daily basis. Without you I wouldn’t be the person I am today.