About Us

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About Markus Hawkins

Having earned his Master of Science in the Psychology of Movement from Temple University, Markus Hawkins began his career consulting with the Women’s Gymnastics Team before becoming the first ever TUWELL Mental Health, Performance, and Wellness Intern at the university, where he helped to build the department with Dr. Stephany Coakley. Markus later joined IMG Academy as an Assistant Mental Conditioning Coach in February 2021 and was quickly promoted. However, in 2023, Markus left IMG to create his own mental performance company: The Mental Endurance Academy. Markus holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Cleveland State University and played collegiate football at Ohio Dominican University and Hampton University. Before joining IMG, Markus instructed as a Master Resilience Trainer – Performance Expert for the United States Army at Fort Bliss military base in El Paso, Texas.

What Makes Us Better?

Coach Markus Hawkins boasts an extensive career spanning more than 7 years, commencing in FT Bliss, Texas, where he delivered cognitive performance and resilience training to the United States Military. As a highly accomplished Master Resilience Trainer – Performance Expert, Coach Markus facilitated courses such as Deployment Readiness and Academic Performance Training, instilling invaluable skills within elite military performers. Over the course of his career, he has cultivated a versatile and distinctive approach, catering to athletes across a diverse spectrum of over 16 sports. Operating within the esteemed theoretical paradigms of Humanistic Psychology and Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, Markus provides exceptional coaching services that blend evidence-based methodologies with a profound understanding of the human psyche.